Super secret first blog post checklist: ***Delete before posting.***

  • Make at least one “tiny” pun.
  • Well, the “tiny” pun is optional.
  • Be more decisive.
  • Get your finances in order. (Open up another Roth IRA?)
  • Clean the sink.
  • Wait, what am I doing again? Oh right! The blog about living in a tiny house with twins.
  • Should I even do this?
  • Be more decisive.


Very soon, the tiny house that Lindsay and I share with our two dogs, Bogie and Griff, will have two new members. Those two new members will be babies. Human babies. Human babies that we paid a doctor to create in a lab nine months ago. This blog will hopefully give you some insight into tiny house life, parenting twins, and how in the world those two things function together.

So, whether you’re a good friend or have simply fallen into an internet spiral, you’re exactly where you need to be. Maybe you’re:

  • a “tiny” bit (Boom) interested in applying the principles of micro-living to your life.
  • interested in how to make baby updates to your tiny home (or need inspiration to not move out of it).
  • strictly voyeuristic; peering quietly at the tiny house apes, secretly hoping that the gorilla will get angry and pound the protective glass.

No matter which, here is my promise to you: THIS BLOG WILL BE THAT GORILLA YOU SEEK.*tinyhousesoutforharambe

Just like the ground-dwelling, predominantly-herbivorous ape, this blog is bigger than you and me, it may surprise you with its intelligence, you’ll find some similarities when you look at it, and finally, Hollywood will probably make a series of films about how this blog violently took over the planet.

Please click around the site, explore the site that inspired it all, The Curious Knight Life, and stay tuned for updates!

*Gorillas in captivity are no laughing matter, and gorillas living like humans in tiny homes are exactly a laughing matter.


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