Things To Prepare For Before You’re Hugely Pregnant


At eight and a half months pregnant with twins, my OB tells me my stomach is measuring past full term for a woman carrying one baby.  I get questions and comments from strangers and friends alike about when I will be “popping” (ew) or how I must be due “any day day now.”  Generally once I share the fact that there are two humans over 4 lbs. growing in my womb, I get a knowing nod of the head and some obsolete comment about how this person- who usually doesn’t know me- will be ‘thinking of me.’

While these comments are certainly kind and appreciated, what is more useful to my giant ass is a friend or partner who is actually willing to help- to carry a heavy bag or move that chair or cook a meal because I just can’t stand on my feet any longer.


Cook this pregnant lady a meal please!

Jared has been an incredible partner in this respect and while I have tried to keep as much normalcy in my life as possible, there has come a point- somewhere around 30 weeks- where I had to admit to myself that I was just too large to do tiny living or any living the way I have been. Continue reading