Three Weeks with the Toms


OnaWalkTinyHouseHello? Is anyone still following? We have a really good reason that we’ve left you hanging for three weeks.

March 20 at 5am, my water broke. I excitedly woke Jared with the extremely important news: I had managed to scoot off the mattress before anything got on it!  Less laundry = always a priority.

Since we were expecting to have our scheduled C-section the next day, we had to rush to get our things together.  We pulled out of the driveway 20 minutes later only to stop a minute into the drive so I could vomit, return home for a bucket, and then proceed on to the hospital.

At 8:49am, we heard the first cries our of new babies.  Two girls!  We both cried, me through chattering teeth and vomit (the C-section was pretty rough for me!).  Sawyer and Landry both had healthy weights for 37 week twins- 6lbs 5 oz and 5lbs 14oz respectively. We used our full hospital stay of 4 days to learn as much as we could from the nursing staff.

Both my father and Jared’s brother were quick to point out that our chosen names were both famous Toms- Tom Sawyer and Tom Landry.  Jared and I were even quicker to use this to come up with a great band name for the girls- The Toms coming to a city near you in 2037!

After a little debate, we decided to head to Jared’s parents house for a few days after leaving the hospital. I was still healing from the surgery and was nervous about taking the stairs in the tiny house.

We returned to the tiny house when the girls were 11 days old and quickly figured out as many routines and patterns as you can have with newborns.  Let me give you the quick Tiny House with Twins rundown while the babies are still asleep.

  • Feeding– I am breastfeeding and pumping so we can feed some breast milk via bottle.  Both girls lost weight in the hospital so bottle feeding as a supplement was recommended.  We have four bottles total- after trying Dr. Brown’s, Mam, and Tommee Tippee, the Playtex Ventair has turned out to be the one that works for us.  Less bottles means we have to wash more often- sometimes a pain without a dishwasher but 4 seems to be working right now.  We also kindly accepted a hand-me-down bottle warmer (a Kiinde) because it seemed better than warming bottles in a cup of warm water and then having to wash those cups.  I most often breastfeed on the Twin Z Pillow in the loft.  This pillow is amazing both for feedings and for the girls to sleep, be read to etc.


  • Sleeping– speaking of sleeping we loved our Baby Boxes but because it seemed both girls were suffering from some reflux we have currently moved the Baby Boxes to the other loft and have them sleep in Daydreamer Beds that have a slight incline.  That is to say they sleep there when they choose to sleep.  We also have one of our Rock ‘n Play downstairs by the folding table. It has been used for sleeping on occasion but is especially useful when you just need to set one twin down to tend to the other!
  • IMG_8675Pooping!–  Our changing station has worked out pretty well.  We have even gotten some tiny house bunk beds going 🙂  Our Ubi Pail has been awesome for collecting shitty diapers.  Our Keekaroo has been equally awesome but we did add universal changing pads so the surface wasn’t so cold when we changed a diaper. We ended up signing up for Amazon subscriptions for diapers and wipes that come every two weeks and just keep the extras in the second loft.  Turns out in their first few weeks, the girls were using 80 diapers per twin per week. Our friends and family contributing to The Diaper Fund continue to be super helpful. And yeah, we have to take out the trash a lot…
  • Laundry– right now we are doing a load on average every other day and trying to conserve water so we don’t have to fill the tank a ton but keeping up with spit up is a challenge.
  • and those friends who signed up to bring us meals have been lifesavers.  We don’t really have any time to cook let alone do dishes- we actually bought some paper plates and bowls and plasticware for that very reason.
  • Other tidbits–  We hired someone to mow our lawn because newborn twins don’t care about you doing yard work so there is no time.  Dogs are still being fed and even walked most days. I even took them to get their nails trimmed yesterday and Jared gave them a bath a couple of weeks ago!

We are surviving and so far we have kept our twins (and dogs) alive, gaining weight, and, we think, happy as a newborn can be.  We are exhausted, a little disoriented, but excited about our little family.  We even managed to buy more birdseed for the bird feeder outside our house- we are supporting so many damn living beings right now!  #twinning


One thought on “Three Weeks with the Toms

  1. Eric Ekwueme says:

    So when I looked into the future, I knew their twin name would be The Toms. Hence the strong two boys prediction! I think I get credit.

    Love hearing that you all are doing well 🙂


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