Googling Newborn Advice: Bad Idea or The Worst Idea?

shiningparentingFirst off, the babies are doing great! And parenting twins so far is Crazybonkerstown, USA. I can’t decide whether I have more respect for parents that have successfully raised children to adulthood or the fact that kids are resilient despite parents that have no idea what they’re doing. Either way, nice work, humanity! I have no idea how you’ve made it this far!

Honestly, we’ve just been doing our best to stay out of Mediocre Parenting Monthly, which means we’ve been Google Searching EVERYTHING.

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With or Without You: The five baby items worth making room for in a tiny space!

blog collage.jpgWe just hit the 7 week mark here with Twins in the Tiny House and although we have yet to get on any kind of schedule I do think we have found a rhythm.

On most nights Jared and I can scrape together 4-6 hours of sleep over the course of the night.  During the days we continue our change, feed, and rock to sleep cycle with the girls but sprinkle in some tummy time and story reading as they seem to be a bit more alert. Jared may have even seen Landry’s first signs of a social smile yesterday!

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